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7 Mistakes of High Performers | Ep 76

June 21, 2023 Luke Layman Episode 76
Shift Work
7 Mistakes of High Performers | Ep 76
Show Notes

There are many positive things that high-performing entrepreneurs have in common, such as their drive to succeed, their tenacity, and their execution. But unfortunately, there are many negative ways in which they’re alike as well. Today I’m going to talk about the critical mistakes of high performers that you NEED to avoid if you want to experience radical growth. 

This will serve as an opportunity for you to take an audit of your own life and to identify areas in which you can make adjustments to becoming the next best version of yourself. 

In this episode, I talk about…..

  • Combatting a scarcity mindset.
  • Gaslighting and how it leads to low self-awareness.
  • The power of visualization.
  • My core values and how they keep me aligned in life.
  • The five voices in your head.
  • Showing yourself grace.

This episode is full of tools and strategies to maximize your profit, grow your business, and reclaim your freedom. I want to be your accountability partner, so take a listen and if you find this episode valuable, let me know!

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