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How to Create Your Unique Competitive Advantage | Ep 83

August 09, 2023 Luke Layman Episode 83
Shift Work
How to Create Your Unique Competitive Advantage | Ep 83
Show Notes

As entrepreneurs, we often wrestle with the fear of failure and the nagging question, "Will it work and will it last?" These doubts don't magically disappear with business growth; they simply evolve with us.

Today, I'm thrilled to offer you insights that will revolutionize your growth perspective. We'll uncover the three core components necessary for crafting your unique competitive advantage, dissolve misconceptions, and embark on a transformational journey toward lasting success.

In this episode, I talk about…..

  • Why you need a unique competitive advantage.
  • The drawbacks of competing solely on price.
  • Creating your Power 3.
  • The significance of having a success path for customers.
  • Types of guarantees to reduce customer resistance and build trust.

This episode is full of tools and strategies to maximize your profit, grow your business, and reclaim your freedom! Take a listen!

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