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Using 5 Love Languages as a Leader | Ep 85

August 23, 2023 Luke Layman Episode 85
Shift Work
Using 5 Love Languages as a Leader | Ep 85
Show Notes

If you're already familiar with Gary Chapman's concept of the five love languages, you might have assumed they only have relevance in personal relationships. But guess what? These love languages have a significant place in the world of business and can play a crucial role in shaping positive team dynamics.

Join me as we delve into a discussion about not just tolerating, but actually enjoying the team that surrounds you. We’ll unpack the timeless concept of the five love languages and see how these principles can be expertly wielded to enhance your leadership style, transform your business, nurture high-performing teams, and drive success.

In this episode, I talk about…..

  • The impact of employee turnover on organizations.
  • Why employees choose to leave.
  • The significance of basic human needs in the workplace.
  • Using the five love languages to foster a supportive team environment.
  • Practical applications to get started.

This episode is full of tools and strategies to maximize your profit, grow your business, and reclaim your freedom! Take a listen!

Mentioned Resources
The Five Love Languages
by Gary Chapman - 

First, Break All The Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently - 

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