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Finding Deeper Connection with David Lea | Ep 97

November 15, 2023 Luke Layman Episode 97
Shift Work
Finding Deeper Connection with David Lea | Ep 97
Show Notes

If you’re on the search for fulfilling relationships or are on the verge of a relationship breakdown, then today’s episode will be illuminating. Join us on a transformative journey as David Lea, the visionary founder of Daring Deeply Life Coaching, unravels the complexities of trauma and the nuanced dynamics of masculine and feminine energies within relationships. With a focus on healing integrated masculine energy, David challenges prevalent myths and misconceptions, shedding light on the critical aspects of relationships and personal development.

Our conversation gets into the significance of acknowledging unprocessed trauma and its profound impact on behaviors and emotions. David offers a unique perspective on how healing individual wounds contributes to fostering extraordinary relationships, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and embracing personal responsibility. This episode goes deep and will surely resonate with you, so tune in and take notes!


In this episode, we talk about…..

  • Myths and misinformation surrounding trauma.
  • Understanding masculine and feminine energies.
  • Impact of unprocessed trauma on behavior.
  • Healing through individual responsibility.
  • Practical tips to embark on your healing journey.

This episode is full of tools and strategies to maximize your profit, grow your business, and reclaim your freedom! Take a listen!

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